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zhangjiagang prestressing steel strand co.,ltd

Company Profile
Zhangjiagang Xinhua Prestressing Steel Strand Co.,Ltd is a joint-venture by Shagang Group Zhangjiagang Hongxin Metal Products Co.,Ltd and Jiangxi Xinhua Metal Products Co.,Ltd. Ití»s specilized in the manufacturing of prestressing steel strand.
As a good cooperate example for Shagang Group and Xinyu Iron and steel company in the metal products industry, the new company products will use the Xinhua brand and take the experience of Jiangxi Xinhua Metal Products Co.,Ltd. for reference on production, management and marketing in the producing and sales of prestressing steel strand field.
We can both take the advantage of the brand and product quality of Xinhua prestressing steel strand in the market and the main raw materal of the 82B coil rod from Shagang Group to reallize the powerful combination and advantages complement and make a better product and service for the market and customers.

The competitive advantage of Zhangjiagang Xinhua Prestressing Steel Strand Co.,Ltd:
1.Techology advantage
In March,1988, Xinhua company has studied the Low relaxation PC strand line as the first one in China. With the use of the technology and experience, it participated in the making of many national standards and and industry standards and accelerated the prestressed technology in domestic promotion; It improved the development of the steel material for prestressed steel strand, effectively promoted the formation and development of industrial chain for steel strand through the coacting with Baosteel Group Corporation and Shagang Group etc. enterprise; Xinhua company has gained one invention patent and four patents of utility model. In 2007 xinhua company was approved as the national torch plan key high-tech enterprise by the national ministry of science and technology again. As an participation management enterprise, zhangjiagang xinhua completely sharing the years of technical accumulation of xinhua company in prestressed steel strand field, and will stand in the technology frontier of domestic prestressed steel strand

Contact Us
Company: zhangjiagang prestressing steel strand co.,ltd
Contact: Ms. windy chan
Address: yuefeng road provincial economic development zone zhangjiagang c
Postcode: 215600
Tel: 0512-58953318
Fax: 0512-58953770

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